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Winston Hall…a Montessori School

Successful academic and lifelong careers start with a solid foundation in early childhood education. We at Winston Hall…a Montessori School use Montessori materials supplemented with teacher-made activities to give your child a love of learning  and the strong foundation that he or she needs to be successful.

We encourage children to learn by pursuing their own natural, in-born interests.

Let us provide your child with the educational foundation he or she needs today!

Our Education Programs Include:

  • Preschool
  • Kindergarten
  • Elementary  – Grades 1 through 6

Preschool-Kindergarten Program
The preschool and kindergarten student is allowed to select activities from a specially prepared and arranged assortment of proven learning materials. The materials include exercises in practical living experiences, sensorial perception, math, language, penmanship, botany, zoology, geography, art and music. These exercises are on the shelves and are available at all times. There are rules the child must abide by as he/she uses the equipment. There are also rules to monitor the child's behavior and his/her interactions with peers and the adults in the classroom. A well-rounded variety of individual, small group, and large group learning experiences is offered to your child each day.

Elementary Program (Grades 1 - 6): 
The elementary child is exposed to the same experiences, with materials aimed at a higher cognitive level. The elementary student has more curriculum requirements. He/she may choose exercises and the time in which he/she wishes to do them. Each student must accomplish a reasonable amount of work in math, language arts, science, history and geography each day. Supplemental activities in geometry, critical thinking/logic and creative writing are also available. Short Spanish lessons are offered daily. Art, music and physical movement classes occur weekly. Soothing, classical music is played at all times in the classroom.

Call Winston Hall…a Montessori School today at 610-779-1363 to ask us for more details and to arrange a tour of our school. You may browse our website for more information about our Private School Services or to view our Winston Hall  Photo Gallery.

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