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We strive to nurture the uniqueness in each child entrusted to us!
Located in Mt Penn, PA

Private School Services

Self-Activated Learning

Bring Your Child to Our Non-profit Educational Institution

Our school, Winston Hall in Mt. Penn, PA, is a small, private, non-sectarian, non-profit, educational institution, incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania in 1984. It is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, State Board of Private Academic Schools for Preschool, Kindergarten and Elementary Grades 1 through 6.

Guiding Your Child to Become a Self-activated Learner

Utilizing the Montessori Method, each child is seen as a self-activated learner. Your child is given a prepared environment with materials programmed in a sequence. These materials promote auto-education. The child uses the materials at his or her own pace. This allows him or her to truly understand the concept(s) presented.
Self-Activated Learning

Instilling Confidence and Competence in Your Children

The Montessori Method gives children a sense of confidence, competence, and self-discipline. The teacher is more an observer, a mentor, and a guide who directs the student without judgments.

Our Special Private School Services

  • Bus transportation for K through elementary students provided by your school district
  • Summer session
  • Extended hours
  • Enrichment courses
We have flexible schedules to accommodate your
child's needs.
Call: 610-779-1363
Give your child the benefit of high-quality learning at reasonable tuition fees. We offer a 10% DISCOUNT for multi-children families!
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